Bacalah dengan (menyebut) Nama Tuhanmu Yang Menciptakan (QS.Al-Alaq:1)

Rabu, 25 Februari 2009


My full name is Ferdi Iipandani, but people known me as Ferdi, Kupret or Pepey. Talking about my name, specially my last name “Iipandani” (yes, Iipandani with double “i” in the beginning of word) I had a little trouble with it because people seem to be not familiar in those kind of name, because they never put double vocal letter in the beginning last name, so everytime I have a registration then the officer will change “Iipandani” into “Ipandani” or “Lipandani”. In fact, my parents have a very strong reason to give me that name. The word “Iipandani” is taken from IIP (Institut Ilmu Pemerintahan), place where my father studied when I was born. So I think my name is meaningful and have a high historical value and I’m proud of it.

(ehm...narsist mode on)

I have a sharp nose from my father, thick eye brow from my mother, eagle eyes from my mother, black curly hair from no one, tall body and oily skin from my mother. I think it’s enough to talk about my look or I will started to be a narcism ;) he3x

My most favorite thing to do at home is playing computer while enjoying a slice of baked cheese bread and a large cup of warm white milk. For your information, I’m a bread lover because in one day I can consume a large pack of bread and will feel incomplete if my mother doesn’t prepare it.

As a bread lover, my ability to in bread processing is quite good even I have my own recipe to bake a slice of bread. In this essay, I’m proudly present the secret of baked bread method. First, you have to spread butter on bread slices then add chocolate granule or other material you like and then baked the bread in small fire using a Teflon pan until the colour change, don’t ever forget the most important final touch of all is put chopped cheese and add milk in the surface of baked bread.

I was born on August, 3th1989 in my home town Sukabumi. I raised in a small family and very enjoyed my role as the youngest. Being the youngest in family make everyone take care of me too much, sometime those attention get me fly away to the seventh sky and that make me a little bit spoil and selfish, but on the other hand sometime those attention really bring me down because I think that my family keep treating me like a little boy. But now everything is change, after my father’s death on September, 18th 2005, I have made a vow to my self that I will transform in to a new Ferdi, I will work hard to convince my family that I have grown up, not a little boy no more and ready to take responsibility as an adult man. I want to be wiser, more responsible, able to stand alone and can give more advantage to my family.

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  1. i really appreciate for u'r courage to introduce u'r self by english. but, please to correct the grammer mistakes like : "sharp nose". i think the correct is big nose. v^^

  2. ha3x...yeah, i have a big nose ^^
    this article contains narcism material(s), just for 17+, and maybe, don't do it (narcism) at home, unless you'll have a big nose too ^^